Fake Tides at Gym Standard

The night started out with good vibes and a lot of energy at Gym Standard. A large group turned up at the mixed art space and apparel shop to see Fake Tides and numerous other local bands. People spilled out on the street enjoying the music. Energy was building up as the bands went on and by the second to last band, T. Rexico, took the "stage" the crowd was lively and impressively energetic for it's small size. I was worried somebody was going to get impaled on one of the many potted cacti sitting around the room but it seemed like no cacti were harmed.

After T. Rexico, Fake Tides were up and exploded with their surf punk sound.

The whole show was extremely fun and if you ever get the chance to see these bands perform I promise you will have the time of your life. Not to mention, Gym Standard makes a great venue with an even better atmosphere.

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