Frankie Cosmos at Che Cafe

Friday night I had the opportunity to see and shoot several of my favorite bands at the intimate venue, the Che Cafe. The Che is one of my favorite venues to attend because it feels so welcoming and personal. The lineup for the night was Anna McClellan, Yowler, Eskimeaux, and Frankie Cosmos. Frankie Cosmos has been one of my favorite bands for several years now, so the fact that I even got the chance to see them live let alone shoot them was wonderful.

If you've followed my blog, I shot Eskimeaux at the Che back in December when Gabrielle Smith performed solo. This time she was on tour with her entire band. There was definitely a big difference in the production and energy this time compared to last, even though I still thought it was a great show back in December. The whole band seems to vibe off each other very well and it was an overall super fun and energetic set. Here's some of my favorite shots from that set.

Frankie Cosmos' set was on par with their level of energy and fun. They played a lot of their new album and some of the classics, which the crowd all sang along to. I was actually surprised at how dedicated the audience was for the show. I arrived maybe 30 minutes before doors opened and there was already a line of 50-100 people out front (and the Che has a capacity of around 170). So getting good shots was a bit of a challenge when I wasn't front row (there's no photo pit at this venue) and the lighting was very low, but it made it interesting and fun still. Anyways, here's some of my favorite shots of Frankie Cosmos.

Until next show.

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