The Hotelier at The Che Café

The Hotelier played The Che Café alongside Loone and Told Slant. Everyone's passion for their projects and music was evident throughout the night. I'm not one to really get into a concert if I haven't previously listened to the band before but Loone immediately caught my attention with their unique sounds and harmonies (I even had to hold back tears at one point).

Told Slant never fails to impress me live. Many of the members (3/4) of Told Slant are also in the band Eskimeaux, who I've gotten to shoot twice before. They are all energetic and passionate performers, especially the front person Felix. They know how to put on a show, just saying.

The Hotelier has been a favorite of mine since their album Home, Like Noplace Is There was released two years back so it was a pleasure to get to see them for the first time, finally. If you want to see a full article on this show, I shot this for my internship at Listen SD where the full post will be.

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